Berichten over De Mol die niet bij 1 deelnemer thuishoren
13 okt 2016, 09:05
Voor de liefhebbers, hierbij de chronologische lijst van gebruikte muziek in De Mol (2016).
Er is ook een Spotify-playlist beschikbaar:

Aflevering 1

Webster’s Autopsy - James Newton Howard (OST Concussion)
Tortazos - Carlos Gardel
Bad Idea - Jeff Russo (OST Fargo)
Despair - Hans Zimmer (OST The Dark Night Rises)
Legacy - James Newton Howard (OST The Bourne Legacy)
Collecting The Ballots - James Horner (OST Legend Of Zorro)
The Second Drag - Trent Rezor & Atticus Ros
Wrench And Numbers - Jeff Russo (OST Fargo)
No time For Caution - Hans Zimmer (OST Interstellar)
Colin - Howard Shore (OST The Departed)
Stopwatch - Hans Zimmer (OST Rush)
Spain - Anne Niktin (OST The Imposter)
The next level - Deep East Music
Molly looks for lester - Jeff Russo (OST Fargo)
Sleep with the lights on - The Wanton Bishops
Volver - Hugo Diaz
L’estasi dell’oro (bandini remix) - Ennio Morricone (OST The Good, The Bas and The Ugly)
Waiting in the dark (no dialog) - Omar Fadel & Stewart Copeland
Escaping the subconscious - Michael Giacchino (OST Inside Out)
Charkhesh E Pooch - Kiosk
Album ouverture - Ennio Morricone (OST The Hateful Eight)
The Palio - Various Artists (OST Quantum Of solace)
Hay Amores - Shakira (OST Love in the time of cholera)
Ella - Gustavo Santaolalla
Stiletto - Billy Joel
You give love a bad name - Bon Jovi
Piano man - Billy Joel
Tardei - Rodrigo Amarante
Code red - Pedro Bromfman (OST Robocop)
Farewell and the trip - John Williams (OST Star Wars The Force Awakens)
Build a bomb - Harry Greyson-Williams (OST The Martian)
A troublesome clue, ingombrante indizio - Ennio Morricone (OST Una Pura Formalita)
X-ray - Youth Lagoon
Are you satisfied – Reignwolf

Aflevering 2

Seven Little Dreams - James Dooley
Vindication - James Dooley
Overthrown - James Dooley
Zambia para olvidarte - Mercedes Sosa
It’s such a pretty world today - Nancy Sinatra
Spain - Anne Nikitin
Mariachi el Bronx - Mariachi el Bronx ft mariachi reyna de los angeles
Rooftop action - Los lobos (OST Desperado)
Pursuit at port au prince - Various Artists (OST Quantum of Solace)
Bamboleo - Gipsy Kings
Anne - Clouseau
Get the spade - Daniel Pemberton (OST Blood)
Take me home - Torgeir Waldemar
Jangadero - Mercedes Sosa
Thousand year dream - Jocelyn Pook
Master and mentor - Lorne Balfe (OST Assassin’s Creed)
Lately - Lera Lynn (OST True Detective)
Day one - Hans Zimmer (OST Pirates of the Caribbean)
Dionysus - Jocelyn Pook
Dust - Hans Zimmer (Interstellar)
Where we’re going - Hans Zimmer (OST Interstellar)
Coward - Hans Zimmer (OST Interstellar)
The day we fight back - David Arnold (OST Independence Day)
Malleus maleficarum - Hans Zimmer (OST The Da Vinci Code)
Air - Joshua Bell / Hans Zimmer (OST Angels & Demons)
For love - Hans Zimmer (OST Rush)
Cornfield chase - Hans Zimmer (OST Interstellar)
A troublesome clue, ingombrante indizio - Ennio Morricone (OST Una Pura Formalita)
X-ray - Youth Lagoon

Aflevering 3

Confession - Dickon Hinchliffe
Dont’ leave me this way - The Communards
Tense Standoff - John Debney (Broken Horses OST)
Buddy Goes Nuts - John Debney (Broken Horses OST)
Into The Red - Hans Zimmer (Rush OST)
Funny Face - Jean-Francois Maljean
Time To Meet The Devil - Cliff Martinez (Only God Forgives OST)
The Human Comedy, Op. 37: Waltz - Moscow Chamber Orchestra
Crystal Checking In - Cliff Martinez (Only God Forgives OST)
Quartermaster - Thomas Newman (Skyfall OST)
Health & Safety - Thomas Newman (Skyfall OST)
Satie: Gnossiennes-No.1 Lent - Lang Lang
Spider Shock - Anthony DiBella
Dead Zone - John Debney (Broken Horses OST)
A Reunion - Thomas Newman (Spectre OST)
Saving Melina - Harry Gregson-Williams (Total Recall OST)
Blind - Korn
The Dream - Harry Greyson-Williams (Total Recall OST)
Bank Robbery - Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard (The Dark Knight OST)
The Funeral - John Debney (Broken Horses OST)
Bar Fight - Los Lobos (Desperado OST)
Whatcha See Is Watcha Get - The Dramatics
The Beast - Johann Johannson (Sicario OST)
Tunnel Music - Johann Johannson (Sicario OST)
Malpensa - Julia Kent
Drywall - Johann Johannson (Sicario OST)
Love For Sale - Cannonball Adderley
The Low Places - Jon Hopkins
Nycteris - Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard (Batman Begins OST)
The Border - Johann Johannson (Sicario OST)
Send Her To Me - Wayne Chance
The Drums Of War - Daniel Pemberton (The Man From U.N.C.L.E. OST)
Underground Army - Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight Rises OST)
Don’t Bet Money Honey - Linda Scott
Ivan Locke - Dickon Hinchliffe (Locke OST)
Divenire - Lavinia Meijer
Build A Bomb - Harry Greyson-Williams (The Martian OST)
A troublesome clue, ingombrante indizio - Ennio Morricone (OST Una Pura Formalita)
The Beast In Me - Nick Lowe

Aflevering 4

A Wager - Gustavo Santaolalla
Follow - Crystal Fighters
The Book of Life Theme 2 - Gustavo Santaolalla
Anne - Clouseau
Joe Le Taxi - Vanessa Paradis
Mr President - Pink
Perfect Day - Lou Reed
Wooden Nickel - Thomas Newman
Kill The Messenger Album Epilogue - Nathan Johnson
Stairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Rocket Man - Elton John
Satelliet Suzy - Noordkaap
L’Americain - Thomas Newman
Don’t Cry for me Argentina - Madonna
Breaking in - Daniel Pemberton
El dia que me quiras - Julio Eglesias
Careless - Thomas Newman
Return to sender - Elvis Presley
Go to hell - Milk Inc
The End - The Doors
Earth - Jesper Kyd
Were up all night to get lucky (instrumental) - GMPresents
Easy Money - Pedro Bromfman
Escalation - Daniel Licht
Hide your tears - Daniel Licht
El diablo viene - Larry Harlow
Zorro’s theme - James Horner
Narcos album prologue - Pedro Bromfman
Stealing the map - James Horner
Crazy Love - Boris Elkis
The Escape - John Debney
Palace of justice - Pedro Bromfman
Build a bomb - Harry Greyson-Williams
A troublesome clue, ingombrante indizio - Ennio Morricone
X-ray - Youth Lagoon

Aflevering 5

Last Days - Max Richter
Prelude and yodel - Penguin cafe orchestra
Si señor - Control machete
Alma - Gustavo Santaolalla
Is as - Goldmund
The beast - Milt Buckner
Denis denis
Speed limit - Dickon Hinchliffe
Don Juan - Carlos Di Sarli
A rare stone - Daniel Pemberton
It’s a miracle - Hans Zimmer
Kale’s Pack - Boris Elkis
If I give my heart to you - Bert Kaempfert and his orchestra
Goat Hunter - Boris Elkis
A pause for reflection - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
Things are looking up - Michael Brook
Umerika album prologue - Dustin O’halloran
Breed re-string - Hyper & Beatman & Ludmilla
Decrypting - Alexandre Desplat
At the track - Theodore Shapiro
Amurado - Pedro Laurenz y su orquestra
Traveling - Goldmund
Assassin’s tango - John Powell
Time spent - Deaf Center
Inmate Potentate - Nathan Johnson
The calm before the storm - Nathan Johnson
Poking the nest - Nathan Johnson
Gathering strings - Nathan Johnson
Russian roulette - Daniel Pemberton
The day we fight back - David Arnold
Specter (end title) - Thomas Newman
Like nowhere on earth - Daniel Pemberton
The sniper - The black angels
I am the police - David Sardy
Song 2 - DJ Krush
Snow plane - Thomas Newman
Automatic - John Murphy
Rat chase - Michael Kamen
Snurkt - Michael Kamen
Now or never call - Michael John Mollo
In the hearts of men - First aid kit
Build a bomb - Harry Greyson-Williams
A troublesome clue, ingombrante indizio - Ennio Morricone
X-ray - Youth Lagoon

Aflevering 6

Kidnap – David Wingo
I can’t kill – Daniel Licht
You’re doing fine – James Newton Howard
Vauxhall bridge – Thomas Newman
Max goes to the police – John Debney
Chaos/Email – John Powell
Sera passaje pe’ sotto ‘na cella – Musicalia
Traffic jam – John Powell
Sixteen words – John Powell
Ready to fight – John Powell
La giostra (the merry-go-round) – Dean Martin
Cheetah chase – Daniel Pemberton
Romance de abril – Osvaldo Piro
Tell the truth – James Newton Howard
Looking for glass – Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto
First dream – Ryuichi sakamoto & alva
Mommy dearest – Michael John Mollo
Doubt – Michael John Mollo
The sun is shining down – JJ Grey & Mofro
Voluntary retirement – Thomas Newman
Welcome to Scotland – Thomas Newman
Day wasted – Thomas Newman
She’s mine – Thomas Newman
Water – Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL)
The Moors – Thomas Newman
Skyfall – Thomas Newman
Local Forecast-elevator – Kevin Macleod
Build a bomb – Harry Gregson-Williams
Speed limit – Dickon Hinchliffe
What’s a touche? – Cliff Martinez
It’s me you want – Harry Gregson-Williams
It could be anyone – Harry Gregson-Williams
We’ll find out – Timber Timbre
A troublesome clue, ingombrante indizio - Ennio Morricone
X-ray - Youth Lagoon

Aflevering 7

Sisyphus – Federale
Easy money – Pedro Bromfman
Dreaming of Equality – Alexandre Desplat
Sundance – Geoff Zanelli
Ride – Hans Zimmer
The great speckled bird – Johnny Cash
Searching Johnson’s tent – Kevin Kiner / Gustavo Santaolalia
Drink to feed fire – Kevin Kiner / Gustavo Santaolalia
Going to church – Kevin Kiner / Gustavo Santaolalia
Ruth goes to the fight – Kevin Kiner / Gustavo Santaolalia
The survivors – Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin
Corrido – Luis Bacalov
Weak of heart – Kevin Kiner / Gustavo Santaolalia
The riot – Johan Söderqvist
Desert storm – Thomas Newman
The Torus – Joe Kraemer
Pampa – Gustavo Santaolalla
My silver lining – First Aid Kit
Mum goes wild – Patrick Doyle
Borthel refuge – Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders
Touch the sky – Ciara Aisling McAteer
Dracarys – Ramin Djawadi
The treason of isengard – Howard Shore
Breaker of chains – Ramin Djawadi
Mereen – Ramin Djawadi
Oathkeeper – Ramin Djawadi
I don’t blame you – Blake Neely
I lie and I cheat – Won tonton
Light – Hans Zimmer & Johnny Mori
Rooftop Refuge – Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders
A troublesome clue, ingombrante indizio - Ennio Morricone
X-ray - Youth Lagoon

Aflevering 8

You’re a soldier – Michael John Mollo
Denizens of the city – Carter Burwell
Operation Glass-revealed – Daniel Pemberton
The game-end credits – Daniel Pemberton
DNA – The Kills
Glory of love – Carter Burwell
A little rewiring – Daniel Pemberton
In the house, in the heartbeat – Eldritch
The hunter – Daniel Pemberton
Jonah’s daughter – Carter Burwell
Est-ce que tu m’aimes? – Maitre Gims
Story of wick – Tyler Bates & Joel J Richard
Watney’s alive – Harry Gregson-Williams
Darkness – Ryan Amon
Damaged people – Daniel Pemberton
The north – Jeff Russo
I waited for you – Andrew Hewitt
A death remembered – Daniel Pemberton
Nocturnes, op 9: No 2 in e-flat major – Peter Schmalfuss
Tortazos – Carlos Gardel
Survive – Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL)
Don’t be angry – Mad about mountains
Talk show – Charlie Clouser
Jennifer followers – Charlie Clouser
The snake pit – Carter Burwell
Emergency launch – Harry Gregson-Williams
Laboeuf takes leave – Carter Burwell
Here we go – Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

Aflevering 9

Gosh – Jamie XX
Into the sunset – Forsaken
Jennifer Followers – Charlie Clouser
The snake pit – Carter Burwell
Introduction (titles) – Danny Elfman & Shirley Walker
Estasi dell anima – David Sardy
Brooding – Daniel Pemberton
Wrench and numbers – Jeff Russo
L’Americain – Thomas Newman
Random search – John Ottman
Mommy dearest – Michael John Mollo
Fenix – James Horner
Canyon Batlle – M83 & Anthony Gonzalez & Joseph Trapanese
Losing control – M83 & Anthony Gonzalez & Joseph Trapanese
Pool cue – Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders
Escaping the subconscious – Michael Giacchino
Charkhesh e pooch – Kiosk
Poking the nest – Nathan Johnson
I am the police – David Sardy
New slang – The Shins
Thousand year dream – Jocelyn Pook
Voluntary retirement – Thomas Newman
The moors – Thomas Newman
Welcome to Scotland – Thomas Newman
What’s a touché? – Cliff Martinez
The nature of people – Daniel Pemberton
Jump for joy – 2 unlimited
Living on a prayer – Bon Jovi
River deep mountain high – Ike & Tina Turner
Killing me softly – The Fugees
Valerie – Amy Winehouse
Mirrors – Justin Timberlake
Dark Horse – Katy Perry
The greatest trick – John Ottman
Lovers’ carvings – Bibio
Little vessels – The lighthouse and the whaler
Occasional magic – Yppah
The hunter – Daniel Pemberton
You fooled me – Percy Sledge